See yourself in the faces of others, and see others in yourself.

Seeing how the lives and stories of others resonate with your own is the foundation of human connection. This theme drives the exhibition 7 Billion Others, which premiered in the U.S. at the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego, and animates Self/Reflection, a custom interactive experience made for the exhibition by BPOC.


Museum of Photographic Arts, North Carolina Museum of Art


Concept, Design and Development

MW Best of the Web Nominee

AAM Muse Award Nominee

Visitor photos

MCN 2015 Session

Self/Reflection offers a literal yet lyrical meditation on the theme of empathy and human interconnectedness. From a distance, the 60-inch portrait-mounted screen seems to shimmer with atmospheric shapes gathered from the surrounding gallery. As you approach, you notice that the fleeting pixels are actually portraits–faces of every color, ethnicity, and expression–and the image they create together is your own. Your living portrait, captured by an HD video camera, is made up of the portraits of hundreds of other people. Seeing yourself in others, and others in yourself–Self/Reflection presents a digital analog of human connection.

Set amid an exhibition that explores human connectedness, within a museum keenly interested in current visual culture, the interactive installation provides a unique exploration of the “selfie” phenomenon as well. The “selfie” is performed for an audience, and so it is in Self/Reflection, as people photograph themselves in the screen for sharing on Social Media, (Self/Reflection selfies are encouraged), while friends and others look on.

Self/Reflection exhibit with interactive screen
A group of people looking at their picture on the Self/Reflective screen
Two people look at their images in the Self/Reflective screen
Two people standing infront of a screen that has tiny images arranged to shwo their reflection
A person looking at their image in Self/Reflection screen
Various tiny selfie images arranged into a picrture of a person

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