Promotional Videos

Creating videos that capture the excitement of spaces, events, and moments in time.

Promotional Videos, which highlight elements of cultural organizations in a fast-paced, exhilarating way, might be called the music videos of the museum field. This type of video combines highly polished visuals with compelling soundtracks to capture the visual excitement of a particular time and space and are used to encourage audiences to visit, participate in an activity, or interact with the institution. BPOC understands what it takes to create successful Promotional Videos and appreciates the need to publicize events and encourage attendance, without losing the focus of the mission and vision of the organization.


Balboa Park Special Event Referral Committee; San Diego Air and Space Museum; Spanish Village Art Center



BPOC has produced a number of Promotional Videos in Balboa Park, with subjects ranging from summer camps to weddings, for clients including the San Diego Air and Space Museum, the Spanish Village Art Center, the San Diego History Center, and The San Diego Museum of Art. BPOC starts with the storyboarding process and makes a point to collaborate with all stakeholders, often including public program managers, marketing professionals, and special event coordinators to achieve the intended feel. The end result of the Promotional Video helps organizations meet their intended goals by inspiring viewers with captivating visual experiences.

For one Promotional Video, “Weddings in Balboa Park,” BPOC worked with twelve representatives from the Balboa Park Special Event Referral Committee to highlight venues around the Park. BPOC combined content provided by the institutions with footage captured at events to create a promotional video that conveys the picturesque nature and magical atmosphere of Balboa Park event venues.

Another video, produced for the San Diego Air and Space Museum (SDASM), was broader in scope. Rather than highlight specific locations or events, SDASM wanted to show that the museum is a fun place for visitors of all ages and genders. The video traverses the entire museum and depicts visitors engaging through interactives and activities. BPOC worked closely with SDASM to determine their primary goals: highlighting a variety of locations within the museum, capturing the natural excitement of visitors exploring the space, and showcasing the unique items on display in the museum. During the planning process, BPOC worked to translate SDASM’s goals into the best possible visual representation.

BPOC works closely with partners to design and produce mission-focused Promotional Videos that entice the viewers to take action, and plan a visit, event, or donation.

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