Exhibition Videos

Planning and producing videos that capture the content and essence of museum exhibitions.

BPOC produces Exhibition Videos for museums to create overviews and visual summaries that can live on beyond the life of exhibitions. BPOC’s Exhibition Videos combine the academic content of Lecture Videos with the visual exploration of Promotional Videos to serve the dual purposes of being both promotional and archival. BPOC works with each client to develop a visual language that meets the exhibition aesthetic and broader museum branding and a content plan that captures the essence of in-gallery spaces.


Gordon Brodfuhrer; Mingei International Museum; San Diego History Center; San Diego Japanese Friendship Garden



Throughout its history, BPOC has worked with a local museum benefactor and art collector, Mr. Gordon Brodfuehrer, to create videos highlighting exhibitions in Balboa Park. These videos feature Mr. Brodfuehrer’s collection of contemporary Japanese ceramics, as displayed in both the Mingei International Museum and the Japanese Friendship Garden. The detailed videos provide an overview of each exhibition, with information about the items on display that dives deeper than the exhibition’s label text. Rather than acting as “highlight reels,” these videos serve as comprehensive explorations of the work on display.

Exhibition Videos produced with Mr. Brodfuehrer rely on his narration, as he shares stories about his experiences collecting works in Japan. Mr. Brodfuehrer incorporates details about artists and cultural exchange, using this platform as a way to describe the rich history that shaped the ceramics on display. The resulting videos are comprehensive, content-rich, and similar to the educational tools already found in cultural organizations. The narration is reminiscent of an audio tour, and the visuals provide a supplementary layer of information.

BPOC works with clients like Mr. Brodfuhrer, Mingei International Museum, and San Diego Japanese Friendship Garden throughout the entire process, from pre-production planning, to filming, to post-production editing and marketing, to produce and publicize videos that highlight the importance of exhibitions, expand access to digital audiences, and give life to exhibitions after they’ve closed.

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