GLAM Organizational Strategy

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BPOC has developed a GLAMs' (Galleries Libraries, Archives, and Museums) Strategy, featuring a Dynamic Sustainability Platform to help cultural institutions develop a resilient and sustainable strategy. The key tenets are:

  • GLAM strategy must be disciplined, determined, and diligent to be successful and sustainable.
  • The strategy should be centered on the organization’s mission and be adaptive, contextually relevant, with a commitment to continuous quality improvement.
  • GLAM missions and strategies require an interdependent and coinciding relationship with institutional economics, engagement, and environment.
  • Requires that GLAMs put the needs of their customers and visitors first to achieve new growth, and move beyond the persistently defensive behaviors of crisis management and triage.

    BPOC can help your organization fulfill its mission by developing a dynamic strategy in support of earned revenue, growing engagement and operating within emerging needs of environment and social issues.