Lecture Videos

Producing videos that provide the opportunity to archive and share educational offerings.

Lecture Videos highlight the educational and scholarly programming of institutions, documenting events including artist talks, community forums, scholarly symposia, and other dialogues. This style of video provides a simple solution for archiving and sharing educational content.


Balboa Park Conservancy; San Diego History Center; The San Diego Museum of Art



BPOC begins creating Lecture Videos by meeting with its partner organization and creating a strategy for producing, archiving, and sharing the video. On the day of the program, BPOC provides a videographer, who selects an unobtrusive location towards the back of the room to set up the equipment. Compared to other video types (like Exhibition and Promotional) Lecture Videos often employ fewer shots and less motion. In addition to documenting the presenters, BPOC’s Lecture Videos capture presenters’ visual tools, including Powerpoint slides and in-presentation videos. BPOC also has expertise in captioning both English and Spanish subtitles and inter-titles.

The San Diego Museum of Art has been a frequent partner on Lecture Videos. The Lecture Videos produced for The San Diego Museum of Art have included traditional speakers behind podiums, museum staff interviewing artists, and community fora. BPOC worked with The San Diego Museum of Art on each of these to create videos that clearly captured the content and visuals of these varied happenings. BPOC has helped establish marketing and branding standards around The San Diego Museum of Art’s Lecture Videos, which include making the series publicly available on YouTube and promoting them via social media.

Lecture Videos allow organizations to create resources they can both save for posterity and have available to share with the general public, expanding their reach and sharing their valuable educative offerings with a wide audience.

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